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Top 5 bicycle classifieds online

Top 5 bicycle classifieds online

Online bicycle classifieds becomes an important thing to upgrade bikes, finding a place to sell and buy a new or used bicycle online on the internet becomes a tiring and time-consuming job. And not only will people buy your stuff, we talked tips and strategies for making the process as easy and straightforward as possible, which also gets you top dollar for your item.

With that in mind, it’s good to review the different markets that are available to you for selling your stuff, since there are advantages and disadvantages to each. And for sure, certain places are better for selling certain items, whether it’s a specific part or a whole bike. This article helps you understand what’s available to you and how to pick the one that will be most successful and bring you the most money for your item.

We help you recommend 5 top bicycle classifieds :

  1. Bike For Sell ( )
  2. UseeTrade ( )
  3. Bike Exchange ( )
  4. Ebay ( )
  5. Biarlaku ( )

Like Craigslist, these sites work based on creating connections and interactions with local buyers who you’ll meet in person so that they can check out and test ride your bike and/or try out/try on the bike clothes and accessories that you’re selling.

There will typically be no cost for these, but the amount of traffic and page views that these sites get can vary considerably.

UseeTrade is the single biggest online market, an auction-style format with which you’re undoubtedly familiar. You can find anything and everything there, and for a cyclist looking to sell items, it’s a very good choice for small, relatively low dollar items, and items of a unique nature for which there might be only a handful of people who are potential buyers.

Because your buyers are usually going to be distant, shipping costs are a factor in what you sell here. That’s why it’s not good for selling very heavy or very bulky items. Also, because so much of buying a bike is in-person activity like taking it for a test ride to see if the sizing and fit is right, selling entire bikes on UseeTrade is a challenge.

Where UseeTrade is best is in selling very rare or unique parts for which there might be just a handful of buyers and not lots of similar listings. There are simply so many people looking at UseeTrade that there will be a buyer for just about anything there, and with a single item available for a collector or for a person who needs just the right piece, many times a bidding war can kick up to help you get top dollar for a rare item.

Also UseeTrade succeeds as a great place to sell basic components that a lot of people are looking for, things like pedals, cassettes, sprockets and other common parts. But be aware that with this sort of thing, it basically turns into commodity-type pricing. For instance, if there are fifteen different listings for adjustable stems to choose from, that means the cost will be pushed down as low as possible.

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